• Image of Shinobu - Worstward, Ho! (2016 Mix/Master)

This is one of my favorite records ever and I'm thrilled to be part of it's first press on vinyl. Shinobu’s 2nd full length of weird, introspective indie-punk, originally released on CD in September of 2006. The balance between completely unhinged energy, smart lyrics and great melodies is something every band hopes to achieve. And Shinobu did. Fuck.

This is a remixed and remastered version appearing on vinyl for the first time. Comes with an exclusive art print by Dianna Settles of Hi-Lo Press. Pre-orders will ship Fall 2016.

1. t-t-t-trepanning
2. hail, hail the executioner
3. same bastards
4. moms and dads
5. regular love triangle
6. up there
7. truth or consequences, nm
8. boourns
9. not gonna happen
10. beijing bears
11. can dialectics break bricks?
12. mt umunhum