• Image of Shinobu - Strange Spring Air

Having a hard time coming up with words to describe Shinobu's third full-length, a melange of noodley guitar parts, heartbreaking lyrics, punk onslaught, a whole lot of catchy melodies and a few irritating ones. Whoa, there's a whole lot of words. Anyway, I found this quote from Buddyhead:

"It’s Ted Leo backed by Pavement, on crack."

That just about sums it up. This is one of my favorite records from one of my favorite bands. Download it for free here and buy a copy because that's more fun anyway.

1. Introduction
2. Teachers Get Tired
3. Cetacean History
4. Sometimes I Wish I Were A Cat
5. Antarctic Stare
6. Chase and Sanborn (A Quale of Friendship)
7. Howard Melworm
8. Colonial Kissing Booth
9. Montel
10. Jeff Rosenstock's "We"
11. Nach Den Truthahm / Instrumental
12. Tiger!
13. Amor Fati
14. 1995 Store Champion
15. The Heralding of the Moustache King
16. Moustache King

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