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ROAR - I Can't Handle Change/I'm Not Here to Make Friends LP

Image of ROAR - I Can't Handle Change/I'm Not Here to Make Friends LP

The first two EP’s (I Can't Handle Change and I'm Not Here to Make Friends) from Phoenix, AZ dreampop rockers (ugh sorry) ROAR! Both have been out of print for a while and now they’re together on one beautiful transparent pink LP. ROAR makes some of my favorite music ever and I’ve always had a particular soft spot for these first two EP’s. I fuckin’ love em. If you’re unfamiliar with ROAR, but are a fan of Spiritualized, Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, ELO, Flaming Lips, The Rentals there’ s a good chance you’ll like this.

If you’re a fan of ROAR and don’t have these yet, whatcha doin?! And if you’re a fan of ROAR and have the originals, I dunno, maybe you don’t wanna bring two records to the turntable. Or mabye you want the added bonus of playing this 45 RPM cut record at 33 1/3 and sinkin’ into the haze. Either way, there’s only 500 of these! I swear that’s not some sort of threat sales tactic! It’s just information! Have a super day!!!

Track Listing:

1. I Can't Handle Change
2. Duck or Ape
3. Heart for Brains
4.Baby Bride Rag
5. Christmas Kids
6. Just a Fan
7. Chinese Tattoo
8. Flightless Bird
9. Poor Grammar
10. The Comfort of a Laugh Track
11. Sell You That