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OCEANATOR - Things I Never Said

Image of OCEANATOR - Things I Never Said

This record fuckin' rules. It is HEAVY! The lyrics are HEAVY! The guitars are THICK!! That said it is still firmly rooted in pop-punk, indie rock, Weezer-y bits, fun leads, y'know good fast-paced catchy stuff that sounds great played very very loud!!! We nabbed a handful of this first pressing because we loved the record and as far I know that first pressing is all gone now EXCEPT FOR THESE COPIES!!! So if ya want it, get it!!

1 Goodbye, Goodnight (4:04)
2 A Crack in the World (4:18)
3 Hide Away (6:11)
4 January 21st (3:10)
5 Heartbeat (3:53)
6 I Would Find You (5:57)
7 Walk With You (4:21)
8 The Sky is Falling (5:47)
9 Sunshine (4:21)

All songs written by Elise Okusami

Recorded by Eva Lawitts and Chris Krasnow at Wonderpark Studios and by Mike Okusami at his studio in Maryland
Mixed by Mike Okusami
Mastered by Dave Eck

Elise Okusami - guitar, bass, drums, synths, vocals
Eva Lawitts - bass
Andrew Whitehurst - drums
Mike Okusami - drums, bass, synths
Aaron Silberstein - drums