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Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? Vinyl LP

Image of Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool? Vinyl LP

Brand new record from Jeff Rosenstock, for the first time with a full band! I'm talkin' Johnny on the bass! I'm talking Mikey on the git! I'm talkin' Kevvy on the drummies. Holdin' down 12 wild and crazy songs that have been referred to as "new" and "songs."

Track List:

1. Get Old Forever
2. You, In Weird Cities
3. Novelty Sweater
4. Nausea
5. Beers Again Alone
6. I’m Serious, I’m Sorry
7. Hey Allison!
8. Polar Bear or Africa
9. Hall of Fame
10. All Blissed Out
11. The Lows
12. Darkness Records