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Dan P. - To The Lions Vinyl

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Dan Potthast is a musician with unparalleled energy that has been touring the world for so many years that I've lost count. 20? 30? 100 years? Recorded over the past few years with friends and loved ones, you can feel joy bursting out of "To The Lions". This record is made up of alt-country rock songs that would sound perfect being played on a porch at sunset or blasting loudly off the stage in a big rock club. EITHER ONE WILL WORK! WHERE WILL YOU LISTEN TO IT?!!?!?

1. Beautiful Night
2. All I Want
3. World Won
4. Day Off
5. The Facts
6. The Lie
7. Talent
8. Crush
9. Back Again
10. Shazam
11. Pinball

Limited color vinyl