• Image of Chewing On TInfoil - Marrowbone Lane

Dublin's best punk band's (take that, everybody else!!!) third record is now available in the United States for cheaper! Don't pay international shipping prices when you don't have to anymore!!! On limited edition yellow vinyl.

After many many years, our best mates from Ireland have finally put out another full length record! Twelve punk anthems with lots of emotion and energy. Y'know, sometimes it's as simple as saying "This record is great and I can't stop listening to it."

Track Listing:
1. Fuck Team Sports
2. Language
3. Just Like Me
4. Crosshairs
5. An Emigrant's Wake
6. Holy Communion
7. One Good Shirt
8. Let Me Let You Down
9. Sons & Mothers
10. Thick & Thicker
11. The Cutting Room Floor
12. Marrowbone Lane

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