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Bomb the Music Industry! - Goodbye Cool World LP

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LUCKY YOU -- we just found a small box of about 20 copies probably from 5 or 6 years ago that we never assembled or put up for sale. WOOPS!

Call it whatever you want! Post-ska! Laptop punk! This is the long awaited "difficult third album" (to put it in billy bragg terms) from ex-Arrogant Sons of Bitches frontman, Jeff Rosenstock. Synthesizers! Horns! Guitars! (fake) Drums! No merchandise just rock!

1. Old and Unprofessional
2. King of Minneapolis, Pts. I & II
3. Even Winning Feels Bad
4. Side Projects are Never Successful
5. 5 Funerals
6. My Response To An Article In Alternative Press
7. Sorry, Brooklyn. Dancing Won't Solve Anything.
8. It's Official! We're Borrrrring!
9. From Martyrdom To Startyrdom
10. All Alone In My Big Empty Apartment
11. Fuck The Fans
12. Grudge Report
13. King of Minneapolis, Pts. III & IV
14. Anywhere I Lay My Head (Tom Waits Cover)